Assorted Meat and cheese platter€10.00
Priscilla’s Treats and meat platter€10.00


Pasta e ceci€9.00
Pasta and chick pea soup
Pappardelle al cinghiale€9.00
Wide flat pasta with wild boar sauce
Rigatoni all’amatriciana€9.00
Short pasta with tomato and bacon sauce
Tonnarelli alla gricia€9.00
Round long pasta with bacon sauce
Tonnarelli cacio e pepe€9.00
Round long pasta with cheese and black pepper sauce


In season Vegetables
Coda alla vaccinara€14.00
Ox tail cooked in a tomato based sauce
Mozzarella in carrozza€11.00
Breaded and fried mozzarella slices
Straccetti con la rucola€11.00
Thin strips of beef with fresh rocket salad
Bollito alla picchiapò€11.00
Stewed meat cooked in a tomato onion sauce
Trippa alla Romana€11.00
Tripe cooked with tomato and onion
Spezzatino con patate alla cacciatora€11.00
Braised beef with potatoes
Involtini al vino bianco€11.00
Stuffed meat rolls cooked in white wine


Homemade wine cookies€3.00
Caramel custard€5.00
Sponge cake soaked in coffee with chocolate and mascarpone cheese


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